About Me

Hi, I’m Kylie Shai! I am a teen in online high school, which gives me the opportunity to have time for the things I love, such as artJ Art, for me, includes singing, writing songs, stories, and poems, and drawing/painting. Mostly, the drawing/painting partJ I have been an artist since I could hold a pencil and make a line on paper. It’s certainly something I am passionate about, and I really hope to get somewhere with it, like use my portfolio to gain scholarships.

I am a die-hard Thousand Foot Krutch fanatic, and I also love Anthem Lights, Skillet, Three Days’ Grace, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Anberlin, Memphis May Fire, and Manafest. ♥ (Music, for sure, is another things that inspires a lot of my work!)

I am also a Christian; God is my motivation and provider for it all. I try hard to show that in my daily life and artwork (though sometimes, it is a struggle!) Having faith definitely helps push me in the right direction.


~Kylie Shai


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